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january 2019

Dellfina Dellert

artist, journalist

Holistic approach to health is extremely important for me. I have been searching for cosmetics, which would combine traditional wisdom with contemporary technology of cosmetics. Aromatherapy-based creams not only wonderfully revitalize the skin for long time, but also have great effects on my mood. In addition, making informed choices is crucial for me. Using creams from Ambasz, I care not only for myself, but also animals, environment and my country's economy.

january 2019

When I first used Ambasz, I had a feeling it's something exceptional. The scents transformed morning or evening care into a pleasant experience, just like at a spa! I'm a huge fan of aromatherapy and natural oils' power. The skin instantly regains its shine and just looks good. It can be said that more is less here: these creams are efficient, extremely comfortable to use and healthy for skin. I'm happy, that such great, unique Polish brands exist. I'm looking forwatd to seeking their new products!

Magdalena Lach

beauty vlog author,
make-up artist

march 2019

Creams from Ambasz were the first cosmetics to reveal to me the power of aromatherapy. They give to the skin exactly what it needs: moisture, nourishment, silky smoothness and radiance. Their scent and texture are captivating. I must admit, I’m addicted to the nourishing cream for dry skin.

Anna Grela


april 2019

I have been using for several years with pleasure.

Beata Pawlikowska

writer, traveler

april 2019

For my tired, dry skin, prone to glow, Ambash creams are a real revelation. Totally natural, they really moisturize and nourish the skin. The carefully selected composition of essential oils in synergy with the rich composition of natural ingredients has a therapeutic effect, stimulates circulation, adds glow to the skin, improves its color and removes imperfections. "Escape" is created perfectly for my skin type. It gives me energy every morning, brightens and firms, refreshes, relaxes and regenerates in the evening. The beautiful scent of the cream works not only on the senses and body, it also awakens a good mood, opens up to beautiful sensations, and the complex action of the cream brings out the natural beauty of each of us.

Agata Strzałka


september 2020

I especially appreciate the Ambasz brand for its recipes, beautiful packaging and the fact that it was created in Poland. Invisible Care cream is incredibly aromatic, I love to apply it overnight because of its heavier, greasy consistency. It is great for reducing sebum, and this with my mixed skin is very desirable.

Martyna Gliwińska

interior designer