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30 ml

EUR 40.08

50 ml

EUR 61.53

neem oil, hemp

tea tree,

petitgrain and thyme


For problematic skin, prone to pimples, this cream has been created to help regain skin’s healthy appearance. The unique formula regulates sebum production, soothes inflammatory conditions, reduces scars and prevents acne without drying the skin. It contains a therapeutic  blend of essential oils and hydrolates that have a strong antiseptic effect. Well-kown for its anti-inflammatory properties, mild tea tree oil enhances the soothing effect of petitgrain oil, and together with juniper helps narrow pores. Thyme oil, rich in phenols, accelerates healing and patchouli oil prevents scarring. Valued neem oil along with tamanu and hemp oil alleviates the problems of itchy, scaly and allergy-prone skin. The hydrolipid balance of the skin is restored; the skin becomes radiant and regains a healthy color. A herbal aroma for true

nature lovers pleasantly refreshes and sharpens the senses.

30 ml

EUR 40.08

50 ml

EUR 61.53

Application: day and night.

For face, neck and cleavage; avoid the eye area.

Suitable under makeup. Contains a natural UV filter.


Storage: Room temperature.

The expiry date is two years from the date of production.


● Organic product

● 100% ingredients of natural origin

● Effective concentration of essential oils: 2%

● Not tested on animals

● Ambasz is a Polish brand of cosmetics manufactured by hand in short series,

only from ingredients approved by Ecocert / Cosmos

● Individual batches may slightly differ in fragrance intensity, color and


● Intense fresh herbal aroma

● Main notes: tea tree, petitgrain and thyme.

● Energizes, refreshes and sharpens the senses

The effectiveness of our creams is due to the combination of high-quality natural broad- spectrum ingredients with pure essential oils. The right concentration

oils enables the transport of valuable substances to deep layers of the skin.


Synergy of essential oils

bergamot, patchouli, thyme, cinnamon, tea tree, may chang, petitgrain, mint,

myrrh, frankincense, cedar, lavender, ylang ylang, geranium, juniper, cypress

Penetrating to the deep layers of the skin, they stimulate microcirculation, which has a positive effect on the oxygenation of cells and, as a result, facilitates detoxification processes. They significantly accelerate healing processes, prevent scar formation and new inflammatory conditions. They narrow enlarged pores, have a positive effect on hormonal balance and give a soothing feeling of freshness.


A wealth of oils

tamanu, neem, sea buckthorn, hemp, borage, castor

This oil composition similar to human sebum  regulates sebum production and is easily absorbed without clogging pores. It has a unique ability to regenerate tissues as well as

promote healing and fighting off inflammation. It soothes itching and irritation,

nourishes the skin, makes it more elastic and gives it a uniform color.


Plant extracts


Valued for positive wound-healing support, aloe soothes damaged skin and

restores its tension, moisturizes and gives the skin a healthy beautiful look.


Refreshing hydrolates

frankincense, cypress, neroli, Roman chamomile, Damascus rose, tea tree, witch hazel

They help cleanse the skin of toxins, reduce redness, inflammation and

irritation. They improve skin color and tone, soothe and regulate the secretion of

sebum. They care for the skin, showing properties similar to the essential oils of the plants

they come from.


Vitamins of youth

vitamin E and C.

Strong antioxidants with properties that slow down aging and stimulate

collagen synthesis. They support tissue regeneration, protect and care for the skin.

● Reduced inflammation

● Cleansed, radiant complexion

● Alleviated irritations

● Reduced sebum production

● Reinforced skin protection barrier

● Regulation of hydrolipid metabolism

● Stimulation of microcirculation and oxygenation of cells

● Unified healthy color

● Improved skin texture and elasticity

● Provides a feeling of freshness and hydration

Composition (95% organic):

Ambasz cosmetics meet the COSMetic Organic and Natural Standard (COSMOS), certifications issued by organizations such as Ecocert and Soil Association.


Aqua (water), Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil (sunflower oil) *, Butyrospermum parkii butter (shea butter) *, Glyceryl Stearate, Theobroma Cacao Seed Butter *, Cera Alba (beeswax) *, Glycerin (vegetable glycerin), Tocopherol (vitamin E), Sodium Stearoyl Glutamate

(sodium stearylglutamate), Sucrose Stearate, Borago Officinalis Seed Oil (borage oil), Ricinus Communis Oil (castor oil) *, Cannabis Sativa Oil (hemp oil) *, Hippophae Rhamnoides Oil (sea buckthorn oil), Calophyllum Inophyllum Oil (tamanu oil) *, Azadirachta Indica Oil (neem oil) *, Anthemis Nobilis Floral Water (camomile hydrolate), Rosa Damascena Floral Water (Damascus rose hydrolate) *, Citrus Aurantium Floral Water (hydrolate from orange flowers - neroli) *, Hamamelis Virginiana Floral Water (witch hazel hydrolate) *, Boswellia Carteria Floral Water (hydrolate from frankincense), Melaleuca Alternifolia Floral Water (tea tree hydrolate), Cupressus Sempervirens Floral Water (cypress hydrolate) *, Ascorbyl Palmitate (vitamin C), Olea Europaea Fruit Oil (olive oil) *, Linum Usitatissimum Seed Oil (linseed oil) *, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice Powder (aloe juice extract) *, Coco-Glucoside (coconut oil polyglucoside), Coconut Alcohol, Xanthan Gum, Lactic Acid, Dehydroacetic Acid, Benzyl Alcohol **, Melaleuca Alternifolia Oil (tea tree oil), Citrus Aurantium Oil (petitgrain oil), Thymus Vulgaris Oil (thyme oil), Cinnamomum Zeylanicum Leaf Oil (cinnamon leaf oil), Commiphora Myrrha Oil (myrrh oil), Mentha Piperita Oil (peppermint oil), Boswellia Carteria Oil (frankincense oil), Litsea Cubeba Oil (may chang oil), Pelargonium Graveolens Oil (geranium oil), Lavandula Officinalis Oil (lavender oil), Juniperus Communis Oil (juniper oil), Cupressus Sempervirens Oil (cypress oil), Cananga Odorata Oil (ylang ylang oil), Cedrus Atlantica Oil (cedar tree oil), Pogostemon Patchouli Oil (patchouli oil), Citrus Bergamia Oil (bergamot oil), Eugenol **, Cinnamal **, Geraniol **, Coumarin ** Citral **, Linalool **, Limonene **, Citronellol **, Benzyl Benzoate **, Cinnamyl alcohol **, Iso Eugenol **, Farnesol **, Benzyl Salicylate **.


* organic ingredient

** a natural ingredient in essential oil