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Why are our creams

so effective?


Essential oils

2% of carefully selected essential oils are responsible for the excellent care effects of Ambasz creams. This is the highest concentration that can be found in face cosmetics. It guarantees both effective action, great smell and safe use.

Essential oils

Proven effectiveness

Essential oils in the concentration we use have proven effectiveness of penetrating all layers of the skin. It is thanks to them that valuable ingredients contained in the cream can penetrate into its deep layers, where, nourishing it, stimulating regeneration and regulating its functions, they inhibit the first signs of aging.

Effective concentration

The high concentration of active substances stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin in the middle layer of the skin, which results in its visible firming and improvement of tension. The oils increase the production of new cells and speed up their exchange; improve microcirculation, strengthen the walls of blood vessels and regulate water and fat management.


We attach great importance to quality - love for nature makes every detail count for us: from where and how plants are grown, through the method of harvesting and obtaining oils, to the certificates of our trusted suppliers. Due to the low temperature production process, all valuable ingredients retain their properties. Our cosmetics are natural and organic.

Innovative recipes

The inspiration to create creams in our laboratory are recipes from centuries ago. Fully verified in terms of compositions and their therapeutic effects are the basis of Renata Ambasz's original recipes. We combine the wisdom of ancient civilizations with modern technologies and the highest production standards.

Holistic action

From a few to a dozen or so essential oils in combination with a richness of beneficial ingredients act as a rejuvenating elixir, and the gradually released notes of the unique aroma stimulate the senses and help deeply relax the mind.

Created with heart

We are a Polish manufacture, we put passion, love and knowledge into our creams, and manual production allows quality control at every stage of work, so that professional products with a beautiful aroma and effective action are created.

Richness and diversity

Richness and diversity

Richness and diversity

Essential oils, hydrolates, unrefined cold pressed organic oils, butter, macerates, herbal extracts with a high content of vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids provide effective nutrition, hydration and skin regeneration.




Volatile substances reaching the bloodstream through the respiratory tract affect stress reduction, mood improvement and energy harmonization.




We combine oils so that they work synergistically, thanks to which they complement each other and strengthen their action - their combination gives much better results than the sum of the individual properties of individual oils. Refined innovative recipes allow to bring out full glow of the skin.

Richness and diversity, Aromatherapy, Synergy

Low water content

The perfect balance between the high content of active substances and consistency guaranteeing the highest comfort of use. The essence of valuable ingredients for the good of the skin.

Vitamins of youth

The high content of vitamins C and E with a strong rejuvenating antioxidant effect extends product durability, protects and nurtures the skin.

Safe preservatives.

The advantage of our creams are long shelf life, which is unique among natural cosmetics. This is due to the fact that they are preserved primarily with essential oils with strong antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal effects and a small amount of benzyl alcohol (which is also a natural component of oils).

Durability is enhanced by the addition of dehydroacetic acid - a mild preservative of organic origin (dehydroacetic acid and benzyl alcohol are preservatives accepted by certification institutions for use in natural cosmetics), and vitamins C and E prevent oxidation.