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Frequently asked questions

  • 1. Why are Ambasz pruducts better?

    Many cosmetics work one-dimensionally and focus, for example, on dryness. The lush formula of Ambasz products ensures their versatile action. Essential oils we use regulate skin and their action depends on your skin type. Moreover, the precious oils are mixed in particular proportions, which synergistically strengthens their action on skin. Essential oils have the ability to enter the deep layers of skin and supply them with nourishing substances.

  • 2. Why do Ambasz creams have so many ingredients?

    In creating arometherapeutic creams, we utilise the synergy effect of combining action of multiple natural components working together. Synergy in aromatherapy means that healing herbs and oils work stronger in combinations. As a result of their precise mixing, new beneficial substances are created.

  • 3. Can essential oils cause allergic reaction?

    There is no general rule for allergic reactions in regard to essential oils. Some ingredients, e.g. concretes or absolutes, may contain substances which are potential allergenic.

  • 4. Why are Ambasz products so fragrant?

    Our creams are rich with essential oils, whose concentration is at very high 2%. They belong in therapeutic grade arometherapeutic products and benefit both skin and mind.

  • 5. How fast can I expect the results?

    We strongly want to do away with the myth that natural cosmetics work slower. Unless your skin's condition is severely problematic, you will see effects almost instantly.

  • 6. How to choose the right product for my skin?

    To begin with, use our product selector in There is no such thing as 'normal skin'. Every face is different. After 35th year of life, your skin may suffer from hydro- and fat imbalance, and subsequently become dry. While acne-prone skin does not necessarily become oily, it can become dry if treated one-dimensionally. Actually, dryness tends to be the most common skin problem.