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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions - product

  • 1. Are Ambasz cosmetics 100% natural?

  • 2. Can Ambasz cosmetics cause allergies or irritation?

  • 3. For people at what age are Ambasz cosmetics intended?

  • 4. Are Ambasz cosmetics tested on animals?

  • 5. Is palm oil used in the production of Ambasz cosmetics?

  • 6. Are Ambasz cosmetics vegan?

  • 7. Is Ambasz a Polish brand?

  • 8. Are Ambasz products only for women?

  • 9. Should Ambasz products be kept in the refrigerator?

  • 10. What is the expiry date of Ambasz products?

  • 11. Where do the raw materials in our cosmetics come from?

  • 12. Does it make sense to apply a thick layer of cream to the skin to enhance its effects?

  • 13. Can the same cream produced in different series differ from each other?

Frequently asked questions - technical

  • 1. How to place an order?

  • 2. Can I order samples?

  • 3. How do I pay for my order?

  • 4. What messages will I receive after placing my order?

  • 5. Can I return my order?

  • 6. How do I change the data in my account?

  • 7. I'm having technical problems

  • 8. What is the delivery cost?

  • 9. How can I track my order?

  • 10. What is the order delivery time?

  • 11. Can I change my delivery address after placing my order?

  • 12. I have received an incorrect order - what can I do?

  • 13. I have received a defective product - how can I file a complaint?

  • 14. How can I use the discount code?

  • 15. Can I return or exchange my order / cream?

  • 16. Can I order Ambasz products abroad?